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How Does Smell Affect Relaxation and Stress Relief?

Posted by Adam Kerrins on

When it comes to finding true relaxation, did you know that scents can have a big impact? With the expert team at The Scent Lab in Australia, we’ll take you through the ways that smell has been proven to have measurable psychological and physiological effects on stress levels and how products such as our soy scented candles can offer some of these scientifically proven benefits.

soy scented candles

Scents and the Brain

Our limbic system, which is the part of the brain that regulates memory and emotion, receives messages from scents. Positive feelings that may be induced by particular scents have been shown to reduce stress and enhance general mental attitude, which means that beautiful scents can affect your mood for the better.

Memories and Feelings

Our sense of smell is closely related to our emotions and memory, which means that scents can have a powerful impact on how we feel. Have you ever smelled something and immediately been transported to a very particular time and place from your past? That’s because scents are the most evocative of stimuli for our senses. If you are looking to relieve stress and truly relax, then the best place you can start is with beautiful scents that take you to a tranquil place.

Soy Scented Candles

At The Scent Lab, we have created a range of products, including our permanent range of soy candles as well as our personalised soy candles and soy wax melts, which are designed to deliver the relaxing and stress-relieving properties you need to boost your well-being.

Our soy wax melts are made using the highest quality ingredients for true relaxation. You can order our scented wax melts online or speak to our team for a tailored recommendation. Each product is made from natural, biodegradable and vegan soy wax for sustainability. Our candles also offer long burning times and maximum fragrance load for exceptional value.

Contact The Scent Lab today for scented wax melts and personalised soy candles in Australia.

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