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Snow Foam Car Wash - 500ml

The Scent Lab

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- Scientifically developed formula
- Creates a thick layer of foam for a deep clean
- Lifts and removes dirt and grime for a scratch free finish
- pH neutral so it does not strip any waxes, sealants or coatings
- Safe to use on polished metal, alloy, vinyl, rubber, plastic, glass and paint surfaces (including matte finishes)

- No need for buckets, reusing dirty water and risking dirt being in your sponge


How to use:
The Scent Lab Snow Foam is a concentrated formula
- Dilute to 1:19 ratio (50ml in 950ml of water)
- Fill your Snow Blaster with water first, then pour in the Snow Foam to reduce foaming
- Shake the bottle well and connect the Snow Blaster to your pressure washer
- Adjust the Snow Blaster air mixture to achieve a nice thick foam
- Apply Snow Foam all over the car and once completely submerged leave to sit for 5-6 minutes, but do not allow to dry
- Rinse off with a strong jet of water from the pressure washer working from the bottom up, being careful around rubber seals and trims, then rinse off completely

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