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Wheel Cleaner - 500ml

The Scent Lab

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- Non-toxic

- Non-acidic

- Suitable for all alloys and plastics


This product is a highly concentrated, non-acidic and non-toxic active foam formula, perfect for those wheels and tyres! Our Wheel Cleaner gets into all those hard to reach places removing dirt, grime and brake dust from rims and hubcaps.

This is suitable for alloys and plastics. Always test before using on aftermarket or repainted wheels and brake callipers. Do not use on paintwork, polished aluminium or polished, anodised, damaged or unfinished alloy.

How to use:
- Ensure your wheels are cool before applying
- Spray Wat-er Blast Wheel Cleaner onto your wheels and tyres
- Allow dwell time but do not allow product to dry
- Rinse well with water

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